Ask His Help


Hi, I just want to share my prayer and thoughts 🙂


To my dearest Alpha, Omega, beginning and end, messiah, redeemer and friend,

I know I am not a daughter that every mother will loved,

I am not a sister that every sibling will like.

I am not a friend that every person will befriended,

But as much as I can, deep in my heart, I am trying to be as good as you.

Maybe people will not notice the good in me, but I know you are there to open the eyes of every person who tend to be blind and enlighten their mind.

Oh my Almighty, please continue guiding me to the right path.

Please help me to continue living in my missions in life,

to continue living in my dreams.

Please give me the courage to do the things that i can.

The courage to follow my dreams and to follow my heart.

Please guide me to the decisions that i will make.

If that thing is really meant for me, please en shower me the fearlessness and not to give up easily.. ..

….that there will be other way or direction to pursue it. But if it’s not meant for me, please give me the sign, and enlighten my mind for being perplexed.

Please guide me.

and also, Thank you for everything.





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