Fact info


4 facts that comes into my mind as i see the word FACT


“Some things are better left unspoken”

It doesn’t mean what you kept is bad or a lie, or whatever. There are just things that are better to keep, and there are many reasons why you kept it; #1 is to avoid conflict #2 to avoid hurting someone or be hurt #3 you are not involved #4 it’s just nonsense thing #5 You don’t have the right to say it, and so on, and so forth. There are many reasons, those are just some. 🙂

FACT # 2

After a long day, all you need is a good food and someone to talk to.

After an exhausting, stressful, or what you call it a day, we need to unwind our self. Hello? we are not a robot. We feel tired, we feel the stress, and everything, and….. life is too short, we need to enjoy life. 🙂 We need to laugh, hang out with friends, just sitting on a one corner of the restaurant, or anywhere, where there is a good ambiance, fresh air, good food, and just have a talk, even if it’s just a small talk to someone. It’s actually a way of refreshing our mind also.


Have courage.

Yeah. It’s not something new to say. It’s always been a reminder for all of us to have courage to do the things that we can. Time is gold. Time is precious. Who knows, tomorrow may not come if you will not do it today.



Befriend your enemies.

I am not saying that we need to be plastic. No, it’s not like that. What i mean is, we should know what makes both of you dislike each other. Sometimes, we just judged people without knowing the whole picture, i mean, without looking the person as a whole. Better yet, be closed to him/her, so that you may really know him, who knows, maybe you could be best of the best friends 😉






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