A fleeting moment


Sometimes, i just want to stare
Dazing at a blank space
With my earphones in my ear
Music is on and the volume is up.
Or maybe just sitting alone
Daze off the distance
Or just looking up
Wandering mind
Wondering how many stars are looking up on me
Wondering how dark is the darkness that surrounds the night,
Wondering how cold is the air that passes into my face
It’s just…
Simple things, and thoughts..
This and that..
Forgetting what makes you hate the world or your tough situation for a while
Or maybe those bad vibes, the hate, the cruelty in this world, the jealousy and envious will just sink into oblivion.
And those negativity will be turn into postive one.
Good vibes, love and peace.
How good it was to think of.. just the positivity.
How good it was to feel that every thing is just everything. And that everything is so well and great.
I know this imagination of mine is just a fleeting moment.
But for atleast,
Even Just for an half of the half of the minute, or maybe half of an hour,
My mind, our mind rather, takes a rest for over thinking of things that mess us up.
Our mind just wanders like a wanderer that wonders how beautiful is the earth
How beautiful is the sky
How the stars stay so stunning
How calm is the wind
How everything is perfect when at peace
Appreciating the things that surrounds us.

And this fleeting moment of our life,

I hope all the poisonous spell that surrounds us,

the intoxication,

will all be forgotten.




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